Bad luck for users of VELUX theme

I was really fascinated by Velux. It came to me as a surprise that it was created by GoDaddy — provider of my domain! With an elegant Hero widget and well-chosen typography it’s superior to many modern themes, because it’s exactly what GoDaddy tells us about it” “a clean, professional, and upscale design.” This is the only template that immediately didn’t drive me to “Customize CSS” to change the font-family.

GoDaddy has dome harm to WP users (I among them) who have chosen the theme for their website. I am shocked to see that it doesn’t even appear under Appearance > Themes when I searched for it. It’s gone. And the creators have come up with a new theme (GO) to replace it. It is an unexpected detour from Velux to GO. It’s unfair.

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