Does the plugin PeepSo impose reCAPTCHA?

Let me share my experience with the community plugin PeepSo. I hope The creators of this plugin will see this note.

One: This is one of the few community plugins that accepts all users as members automatically after installation. And so, the blog/stream of a member is auomatically connected to his/her name in the social .
activity page.

Two: PeepSo readily follows the Avatars you have chosen under Settings > Discussion on the dashboard(some plugins don’t do this)


One: The “covermania” is a pandemic that has spread into all community plugins. Some plugs allows the Admin to minimize or discard it. But in PeepSo it is an exceptionally real headache. I tried to remove the cover by customizing Rules in several ways. If a rule makes the cover disappear, the avatar of the user too disappear along with it. Even when the cover image is removed, the huge real estate allocated for the image occupies its space — like a sacred area that can’t be touched. Strange.

Two: I don’t remember having set any reCAPTCHA in the plugin, but after the installation I was stopped at the Admin by a reCAPTCHA demand. This is, of course, very serious. Is this a glitch, or does PeepSo impose reCAPTCHA?

I will add more as I come across more pros and cons.

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