How Western heavy weaponry can make a difference in the war in Ukraine

“Artillery sweat saves infantry blood.”

The Ukrainian military has this saying for a reason.

It has been weeks since Ukraine began to ask desperately for heavy western weaponry, particularly advanced tubed and rocket artillery, as part of an effort to turn the tide of Russia’s invasion, which is not going too well for Kyiv.

Despite much deliberation in the West, there seemed to be a drastic shift after the U.S. approved the transfer of a number of M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine in late May.

The HIMARS and their munitions are expected to be part of a new $700 million aid package that also includes a lot more hardware, such as counter-fire radars, new FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank weapons, artillery rounds, vehicles, and spare parts.

Moreover, as it became known on June 1, the United Kingdom also requested the U.S. give the green light to provide Ukraine with M270, an even heavier and more advanced rocket system produced in the U.S.

The U.S. supply follows a series of advanced tubed artillery transfers, particularly 155-millimeter M777 howitzers, a new holy grail to Ukraine’s military community that has already been deployed to war zones.

Ukraine is hoping for a break.

New towed and rocket pieces, if delivered quickly and in large quantities, are expected to become the war’s key game-changer.

As the military says, massive supplies will not only help suppress dominating Russian field artillery, the key factor behind its battlefield gains, but also pave the way for an ambitious Ukrainian counteroffensive.


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