Before COVID, healthy buildings was a nascent field, but now…

Last January, we saw the early signs out of China and turned our Healthy Buildings program around and started working with different organizations to help them prepare to adapt to COVID-19, knowing full well this pandemic had the potential to do exactly what it’s done over the past year.

Every day since then has felt urgent — never enough time in the day for everything I want or need to do to help others through this. We’ve been trying to translate the evolving science around COVID-19 into trusted guidance on how to keep people safe indoors, be it at schools, offices or community child-care centers, homeless shelters, performing arts theaters and even jury trials, and right here on our own campus, too.

We’ve tried to hit on every possible channel, too, to reach as many as possible — op-eds, radio, and TV for the general public, HBR for business leaders, peer-reviewed papers and editorials for our scientist colleagues, white papers, websites, web-tools, videos, one-on-ones with governors and members of Congress, and social media — you name it; we tried it. I’m incredibly proud of the people I work with every day — such bright, selfless, creative, and passionate students and researchers — they epitomize public health.


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