Ukraine, Community, and WordPress

Ukraine, Community, and WordPress

How the war in Ukraine got connected to our WORDPRESS project

We are represented at ResearchGate (RG), the biggest social media for researchers all over the world, with 15 million users. Here we reproduce a note posted by our spokesperson on RG on March 16, 2022. Mowpress was built on the expanse of the sheer professionalism and ethical commitment manifested in this note.

I have been following two distinct streams of activity at RG of late. On the one hand. I was keenly reading about the tremors in Russia, Venezuela and Ukraine; On the other hand, I was getting ready for a WordPress project.A super-sensitive friend in Venezuela saw the WAR weeks before the world even suspected the chain of events that blistered into the situation in Ukraine. Messages after messages from him filled my personal mailbox. He was in utter fear and desperation. Meanwhile I chanced upon a few projects related to WordPress at RG and I was engaged with the researchers behind these projects.

Now, WordPress (WP) is a content management system software that people use to create websites. Much more than 40% of top websites around the world are built on WP. How could it be connected to the “hell let loose” that my friend in Venezuela could foresee in terror?

I am working on a website that’s meant to be an open platform for WP users to openly discuss WP products and share their experience with other users. Last week or so, while working on my website (that is, working behind the screen), I saw a notification that stunned me, It was around the same time when a note from RG’s CEO (Dr. Ijad Madisch) published his take on the war In Ukraine. The briefing that I saw behind my website read “Episode 26: Matt Mullenweg on Ukraine, Community, and WordPress”.

FYI, Matt is the legendary founder of WordPress. He connected several dots for me. I ran a COVID-19 website ( from Jan 2020 to early March 2022. Now at our website (Mowpress) we have a decision. Our Social Media will address not only WordPress and website creation, but also social issues at large — like the War in Ukraine.

Everything is connected.